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Workshop on Mobility, Employability, Quality and Regional Integration


Workshop on Mobility, Employability, Quality and Regional Integration

Tuesday, 5 March, 2013 - Wednesday, 6 March, 2013

As a means to present and analyse the year 2 research, and also prime the development of the White Paper (a strategy paper on mobility in the Mercosur region), a sub-regional workshop was organized on 5-6 March 2013 in Mendoza, Argentina, supported by the University of Cuyo and the CIN. It highlighted three main themes that were considered critical to the argumentation of the White Paper: The role of mobility in enhancing employability of graduates, the relationship of mobility to the quality of teaching and learning and the impact of mobility on regional integration.

Participants included project partners, representatives and experts from European partners (CRUP, CRUE, CRASP, HRK, EUA, OBREAL, AGS), three representatives from other sub-regions (Panama and Colombia) and from the Mercosur sub-region, such as researchers, representatives of university international offices, and ministry representatives.

A small focus group was incorporated into the afternoon of the second day of the meeting to exchange experience on staff mobility, another important research topic for the region.

To view the agenda, follow this link
To read the report from the event, please click here.


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